What is sensory integration?

What is sensory integration?

What is sensory integration?

All human beings receive information from their internal and external environments through the senses: vision, hearing (auditory), touch (somatosensory or tactile), taste (gustatory), smell (olfactory), vestibular (movement), and proprioceptive (joint and muscle). We respond to these stimuli automatically.

The term sensory integration refers to the process by which we receive this information, the central nervous system directs the information to the appropriate parts of the brain, and the information is “integrated” or synthesized, so that we can respond to the stimuli in an adaptive manner. Receiving, organizing and interpreting this information is the first step in learning.

The concept and theory of Sensory Integration comes from a body of work developed by A.Jean Ayres, PhD.

When there is a disturbance in this capacity to automatically integrate sensation and respond adaptively, the individual has a disorder of sensory integration. These disorders can have a negative impact on the child’s capacity to learn, to function in socially appropriate ways, and perform the daily tasks of living.

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