What is dyspraxia?

What is dyspraxia?

What is dyspraxia?

These children are often clumsy and awkward in their movements. They have particular problems with new motor skills and activities. They display difficulties with the registration and integration of sensory input, but may also fall under defensiveness and modulation disorders.

Some behaviours that can be observed are:

  • Very poor fine motor skills such as handwriting, cutting, motor planning skills
  • Very poor gross motor skills such as kicking, catching, throwing ball, sports are difficult
  • Difficulty imitating movements such as “Simon Says”
  • Trouble with balance, sequences of movements and bilateral coordination
  • May appear oblivious to certain touch/tactile input such as not noticing food left around their mouth when eating, not noticing dirt/uncomfortable textures against their skin, seem to have a high threshold for pain or not feel cold as readily as other children

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