Remedial Therapy

Remedial therapy aims to assist children from Grades 1 – 7. They are assisted individually or in pairs, once to twice per week. The aim of this intervention is to bridge the gap between present learning and desired future learning. The focus is on assisting individuals with learning barriers, such as ADHD, dyslexia (difficulty with reading, writing and spelling) and dyscalculia (difficulty with mathematics).

When learning problems go unnoticed, children develop feelings of despondency, and as they become increasingly aware of their lack of success, they give up and spiral downward. The secondary emotional problems that develop in children with learning difficulties can be more incapacitating than the learning difficulty itself. This is why early remedial support is so important.

Remedial therapy offers learning support to learners in reading, spelling, writing and mathematics. This includes skills such as: visual discrimination, perceptual organisation, sequencing, abstract reasoning, auditory processing, sound recognition, blending, phoneme manipulation, vocabulary, reading, spelling rules, comprehension skills, writing skills, numerical understanding and mathematical operations.

Remedial therapy focuses on skills and knowledge rather than on content. It addresses the problem area from where it originated and then re-establishes the basics to ensure that the child overcomes the problem area and can succeed scholastically.

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